Saturday, October 15, 2011

dear emerson

i just wanted to let you know that i love that you love weird things.  you get so attached to the strangest things….like mail order catalogs.  you love them so much and every time one comes, you get super excited and thank me like i bought you the best birthday present ever.  haha.   you even sleep with them at night.  i'm not sure what the appeal is but you like any and all of them.  you also get strangely attached to other things, like a rock, an empty tape roll, etc….kind of like a little hoarder.  its so adorable and i love it.  stay weird my little one.  stay weird.  :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

To my lovlies,

It's been almost a year really, since i've thought about writing. actually, i've probably thought of it a million times but in recent months, i think i totally forgot about this place. so much has happened in our lives since i last wrote and most of it is good. FINALLY!!

since my last letter, your dad moved all the way from NY to gloucester so he could be with his girls. there's been a lot of things that have made me unhappy with your dad but this was probably one of my proudest moments of him. it takes a lot to move your whole life and take such a risk of failure, but he was willing to do that to be with you guys and that says a lot about him and his love for his children. gloucester is not the place either he or i wanted to end up, and it certainly doesnt meant this is the end of our journey, but it's where we ended up and even though we arent together as a family in the same house, we are doing our absolute best to be together, separately, in the same city so that we can still be a family. no matter where we all live though, whether how close or how far apart, we will always be a family and i will do everything in my power to try to make things work out between me and your dad so that being a family doesnt ever become an awful experience for any of us. trust me when i tell you that i have put so much aside so that i can make this work and you know what? its been worth it. a million times over.

anyway, we moved into our own place and arent living with nannie and papi anymore…phew!!! you guys loved having them around, and i grew up living above my grandparents, so i totally understand how awesome it can be, but we needed our own place and once you adjusted, i think you guys really like it too. having a playground right across the street probably doesnt hurt either.

aside from all of that, emerson- my muffin, you started preschool!! i cant believe what a big girl you are getting to be! you have never had a babysitter or gone to daycare so i was so worried about how you would do going to preschool but you jumped right in and didnt look back. it reminds me of the first time i had you sleep in your own room and i was a nervous wreck. you just went to sleep and were totally fine. i am so proud of you and so glad that you are loving it so much. but do me a favor and stop growing up! i want you to stay my baby forever!

suriah…my little love bug. you are like a little sour gummy bear. they have these commercials about them where the gummy bears do something mean or "sour" and then are super sweet afterwards. that is totally how you operate. you will be nursing and look up at me and whack me in the face…then when i tell you no-no thats not nice to hit mama, you will reach up and stroke you face lovingly and stop nursing to give me a kiss. i dont understand why you cant just be my sweet little love bug but its kinda cute that you are a little "sour" too. keeps things lively.

well my lovelies…i have a semi-permanent job and things are finally starting to look up. i hope we have turned the corner and that things will keep looking up for us. i want to give you guys so much and want to be able to provide for you both. i love you both more than anything..