Friday, December 17, 2010

dear kiddos,

i don't know if i will ever actually show this blog to you but i needed to create it to tell you about our life together and the daily things i wish you understood but you are both too young. we are in this together, our little family. i wish i could explain to the both of you how much i love you and when i pictured having children and the life i could give them, this wasn't that life. i wanted so badly for you both to grow up with a mom and a dad, and believe me when i say that i tried, probably harder than i should have, to make things work out with your dad. i never wanted my kids to have to grow up with just a mother around and only time will tell how much involvement your father will have.

this blog is just the thoughts i have for each of you, the daily things i wish i could tell you but you dont understand, my frustrations, my love, my confessions.....everything.

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